Permanent Cosmetics

Making time to apply makeup daily is a daunting task, and can prove to be unhealthy for your skin. Now we offer a treatment that can keep your look flawless and just the way you like it without reapplying daily. Permanent cosmetics is a series of treatments that include microblading eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, hair simulation and more! Brian Munroe can help you create your dream look that won’t simply wash away.

Why Try Permanent Cosmetics?

If you are losing hours in your day, this could be a great solution to help turn back the clock. You won’t have to spend time shopping for more product, or spend time applying it. Get an extra hour or so of sleep, or spend that time doing more productive things. We’ll handle the rest!

Saving money can also be a factor if you’re buying products often. Brow kits can get expensive if you’re looking for something natural-looking and long-lasting. Quality lipsticks and tints can be priced $20 and up. Eyeliner can break or wear down in a short amount of time, thus causing you to buy it more frequently. With permanent cosmetics, you can keep some cash in your pocket and still own your look!

If you experience sweating or losing your glamorous look in a pool, or maybe it just doesn’t look the same all day, then you should also consider permanent cosmetics. You can even look flawless at the gym with this treatment! Even something as subtle as perfectly arched brows can give you a confidence boost while out, until they fade. Permanent cosmetics will allow you to be free from the stress for up to three years! You can work out, wash your face, and continue your skincare routine and more without worry. Wake up feeling beautiful!


If our permanent cosmetic services seem appealing to you, then you should stop by for a consultation. Consultations are important to ensure that your goals are met and your expectations are heard. Any concerns will also be addressed at this time. We want you to be well-educated about the services that peak your interest so that you know exactly what to expect. Call Brian Munroe today and get your permanently beautiful look!

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