Beautiful & Natural Looking Eyebrows

At Brian Munroe Permanent Cosmetics & Restoration, Brian understands that eyebrows aren’t meant to fade away or cause a fuss. Some of us, however, are unable to grow even, shapely brows that are defined without adding makeup. For this reason, Brian offers Microblading in the Boynton Beach area. Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that focuses primarily on the eyebrows. The shape and definition of your brows will look natural and give you a long break from filling them in or drawing them on entirely! Contact Brian Munroe today to get the eyebrows you desire!

About Microblading

Microblading can be traced back to at least 25 years ago in Asia; the technique being known by many different names around the world since. There are different patterns and methods for creating the illusion of hair where the brows may be fine or misshapen. One technique is called “3D Eyebrows,” which is popular in the US. The industry and artistry of microblading is still evolving with innovation.

Benefits of Microblading

By microblading your eyebrows instead of filling them in, you are avoiding a plethora of issues that can occur throughout the day. You can encounter many free radicals that put a damper on your makeup. Hot temperatures can cause you to sweat, you may accidentally wipe your brows or they could possibly fade by the end of the day.

With microblading, you can have the perfect brows for up to four years!

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Don’t wait any longer to call Brian Munroe and see if you’re a candidate for microblading. You can schedule a consultation to discuss the current condition of your brows and your goals for the treatment. Ultimately, after your consultation you will be able to walk in on the day of your treatment knowing exactly what to expect. No hidden surprises, just a uniquely created treatment plan to fit your individual needs!

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