Areola Restoration

The possibilities of permanent cosmetics are boundless! From hair simulation to microblading, your cosmetic struggles can be squared away. Now, we also offer areola restoration! Feel confident in the most intimate moments, or just feel good for you, you owe it to yourself. Areola restoration is a micropigmentation treatment that restores the pigment to areolas. This treatment is ideal for irregular pigmentation or women that have undergone mastectomies. Medical tattooing is going above and beyond to not only restore aesthetic beauty, but confidence. Brian Munroe’s practice focuses on the state-of-the-art technology of permanent cosmetics, ensuring that you are receiving quality cosmetic tattooing from an expert.

What is Areola Restoration?

This treatment, much like other cosmetic tattoos, involves applying color to simulate nipples, or add pigment where it has faded around the nipple area. Because this process must be as precise as possible to ensure natural looking areolas, it takes about 2-3 hours, depending on your individual needs. There is no down time, however you may experience some sensitivity following your procedure. While you may resume your daily activities, you may want to avoid rigorous activity for your own comfort.

Results of Areola Restoration

*Individual results will vary.

The color will last years, providing you with satisfying breasts without worry of the color washing away. Of course, individual results may vary depending on lifestyle (swimming in chlorine pools, sun exposure, etc.). When you notice the color beginning to fade, you can come in for a touch-up session!

If areola restoration is in your doctor’s treatment plan for breast reconstruction, it may even be covered by your insurance!


Don’t wait any longer to call Brian Munroe and see if you’re a candidate for areola resoration. You can schedule a consultation to discuss the current condition of your breasts and your desired look. Ultimately, after your consultation you will be able to walk in on the day of your treatment knowing exactly what to expect. No hidden surprises, just a uniquely created treatment plan to fit your individual needs!

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